• The range of training aids available such as bags, focus shields and mitts

  • Modern and traditional training tools

  • Traditional karate weapons

  • Competition mats covering all training surfaces

  • We offer age and level specific classes, with comfortable numbers for improved teacher/student ratios

  • Athlete (junior and adult) Competition Development Programs

  • All our instructors are professional, enthusiastic and are committed to your smooth progress towards black belt and beyond


The Halifax Ryuseikan is recognized throughout the province, country and internationally. We are well represented on both the Provincial (Karate Nova Scotia) team and National (Karate Canada) team with solid performances every year. Top athletes from across the province travel to train at the Halifax Ryuseikan every week. Our dojo is one of the few, in Atlantic Canada, that has its own dedicated, full time training space.

Halifax Ryuseikan has strong connections to the Chito-Ryu Karate World head quarters in Japan, the birthplace of Chito-Ryu. Our head instructor, German Sensei, is a direct student of Soke Sensei. Every year we offer seminars with international guest instructors for all our membership.